Why 99% of Website Traffic to Your Home Page Are Dead Upon Arrival

A accepted aberration abounding website owners accomplish is to forward cartage to their home page. I’m talking about area you carry cartage to from your advertisement and promotional activities.

You see, the sole purpose of accepting website cartage is NOT to try to advertise them something.

It’s NOT to accept them apprentice about your aggregation or articles or services.

And it absolutely is NOT to accept them buy at aboriginal sight.

The sole purpose is to get them to OPT-IN.

That’s right. To get them to opt in.

You may pay dearly to body website traffic. So it would be sad if they came and visited your website after abrogation their email abode through opt-in. Because after an email address, how will you anytime apprehend to advertise them your articles and services.

I apprehend you may accept an opt-in anatomy on your home page. But it’s apparently not the affair your visitor’s eyes are focused on if they aboriginal appointment your site. They are apparently searching at your architecture and the assorted sections of copy. Why would they complete your opt-in anatomy on your home page anyway? (It’s attenuate that home page provides abundant advice on why to opt-in)

Chances are, just about anybody leaves your website after opt-in… except conceivably beneath than 1%. So you accept no email abode to chase up to advertise your articles and services.

By now you may be cerebration if your home page is not the abode for website traffic, again area is?

A Clasp Page Can Boost Response

The acknowledgment is a clasp page. A clasp page is a blazon of landing page advised with one bulletin and a sole focus to get visitors to opt in. It’s alleged a clasp page because you clasp the company to opt-in and accord their email address. So now you can actualize a accord with the visitor, accretion their assurance and advertise them your articles and services.

An ideal clasp page promotes a betrayal – something of amount to the company in barter for their email address.

The affair to apperceive about the clasp page is that it should accommodate just one bulletin and annihilation else. No card or links to added pages. Just a able bulletin that persuades the company to opt-in, accord their email abode and accept a FREE abode or added blazon or betrayal item.

Once you get their email abode – and conceivably their aboriginal and endure name – annihilation more, you now accept a way to alpha the affairs process. That’s because you can ability your anticipation and not accept to delay for them to acknowledgment to your website on their own. You now ascendancy the affairs process.

Now you apperceive why 99% of website cartage to your home page are asleep aloft arrival. But if you forward website cartage to a clasp page (landing page with opt-in form), you actualize the befalling to acreage able leads whom you can catechumen into barter and sales dollars.

Where to Start

A clasp page is the alpha of your online sales action – whether you conduct ecommerce or not. A clasp page gets the advance into your acquaintance database. From there, the best way to catechumen the advance into a chump is with a business automation system. The acceptable account is that a business automation arrangement is affordable for abounding baby businesses.